Day 2: SF to Eureka

I love lazy Sunday's, one thing I wanted to make sure of with this trip is that I would not make painting the only thin that I could think about. I've done that before and ended up missing out on fun experiences because I was so singularly focused. I made a conscious decision to just go with the flow during this week long road trip.

I woke up around 7am, despite going to sleep at 2:30. My wonderful host and author of our soon to be extremely successful children's book slept in until around 10 am, as was his right, there had been a lot of drinking the night before. This meant I had some time to relax, I wandered around the neighborhood a bit, played with Quinn (the worlds nicest and best doggo) and ended up watching a couple episodes of Broad City, a show I had never heard of until that morning because it was auto playing in my friends Hulu que. Turns out, that show is wonderful and hilarious! I'm looking forward to watching more when I return home.

I left for Eureka at 1pm and spent about 4 hours on the road. The highlight of my drive was taking the scenic route of the Humboldt redwoods state park, a long winding drive that weaved in and out of unmovable redwood trees that looked as if they could swallow my car whole. I wanted to pull off and paint during my drive. But it was about 104°F! Anytime I opened my windows I was transported into a boiling oven with hot winds whipping across my face.

Anyways, I made it to Eureka and checked into my airbnb – a beautiful old Victorian house. I thought about going out and painting since the sun wouldn't set until 9:30 and I went to drive around aimlessly around town. I found lots of really beautiful buildings and cool places but nothing provoked me to paint. Possible because I actually hadn't eaten for the entire day and I couldn't focus. I know myself and I know that if I can't focus I won't be able to do a good job painting. So I headed into the lost coast brewery and enjoyed my evening with beer and tacos. 

tomorrow will be a full day of painting and I hope to get at least 4 done as I travel up and down the coast, so I'll speak to you then!


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