Day 4: Eureka to Crescent City

I had too much fun last night, this morning I woke up with a massive headache, and no desire to do anything but sleep. SO i slept in, and after waking up I went to a local coffee shop and waited 30 minutes for a "gourmet organic" cup of black coffee. Meh.

It's only a two hour drive from Eureka to Crescent City, heading up the coast line, but I took every scenic byway and local road I could find, so it took me about 8 hours. I was perfectly happy to drive throughout the redwood forests, see a herd of elk passing and hike through the forests and beaches.

I found a river and followed it into the ocean, decided that it was a perfect spot for a painting. Im not super happy with how this painting turned out, but it was a nice time.


After driving through the redwoods I stumbled across an unlisted beach that sat on the 101 highway, I was very pleasantly suprised to find this wonderful place and spend a few hours hiking around and painting.


Tomorrow morning I'll be heading to Truckee California, an 8 hour drive from Crescent City! AWWW YEAH