The last few weeks I have started to complete larger paintings based off plain air studies, mostly seascapes from Laguna Beach and Malibu. 

With each large studio painting I create my goal is to create and solidify a process of applying paint, so that I am not playing a guessing game each time i start a new work of art. I’ve been taking plenty of photos during the process of each painting so that I can analyze my methods and see what worked and what was less successful. I want to share some thoughts on process that I had while working on my last painting.

I started this painting with lots of planning, I took plenty of video reference of the location in laguna, as well as completing a small plain air study on site so i could have an idea of the actual colors since a photo or video could never capture the true range of colors available.

Overall I spent about 10+ hours on this painting, it was great practice and I am pleased with the results, for now. I found this method of painting very efficient, and I look forward to refining my technique on future paintings!

Talk to you soon!